jakobi + krystal

I am nearing the end of my editing for 2020 (YAY!) and I can’t wait to share my latest wedding – The Webber Wedding!

JaKobi & Krystal chose to tie the knot at his parent’s home. There is NOTHING that makes me happier than couple’s choosing a personal place like that for their big day. It makes it even more special and basically guarantees that no one else will have a wedding just like theirs. They also made the decision to hire a wedding planner – Danielle from White Willow Events and Design. I’ve worked with Danielle a few times before and she is absolutely incredible at what she does. She transformed this shop and front yard into a stunning wedding space – amazing!

It’s obvious in these images that JaKobi and Krystal are best friends. There was so much joy between them on this day and it just poured over into everything that they did! I am a little sad to almost be done working on this day, but I can’t wait for the newlyweds to get to see their full gallery. Until then, enjoy my favorite images from this day!

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