After WEEKS of constant rain, I couldn’t wait to get back out in our wildflower fields! Dalton & Kendell were the perfect couple to kick off busy season, and I can’t wait to see them tie the knot! I mean just look at them. Their wedding will be perfect!

dalton + kendell

I am nearing the end of my editing for 2020 (YAY!) and I can’t wait to share my latest wedding – The Webber Wedding! JaKobi & Krystal chose to tie the knot at his parent’s home. There is NOTHING that makes me happier than couple’s choosing a personal place like that for their big day. […]

jakobi + krystal

I’ve said this a million times, and I’ll say it a million more – I REALLY hope that small and intimate weddings stick around post-pandemic. There is something incredibly special about sharing this day with the most important people in your lives. Not being distracted by all the crazy details of a huge event, but […]

will + emma

NOTHING peaks my excitement quite like hearing a bride say they’ve chosen an unconventional venue – but hearing that they’ve chosen their own home that they just finished building really takes the cake. Kevin & Elizabeth tied the knot in their front yard on October 10 and it was absolute perfection! A gorgeous day turned […]

kevin + elizabeth

Prepping for this blog post put a permanent smile on my face! Faith used so many beautiful fall colors on her day and even though we dealt with wind and some higher temperatures than planned, it looked amazing! My favorite thing about this day though, was the many small moments of pure love and joy. […]

josh + faith

I had been looking forward to this day for a LONG time! Mostly because I loved getting to know Josh & Paige during their engagement session a year ago, but also because I have been dying to shoot at this venue since I knew it was being built. And nothing about this day disappointed me […]

josh + paige

Jason & Ali (like so many couples this year) had QUITE the adventure trying to plan their big day around COVID-19 regulations. Thankfully, they were able to keep most of their original plans with a few modifications! These two have been together for a really long time – their wedding date is their 7th anniversary […]

jason + ali

It feels SO GOOD to be doing all these engagement sessions & weddings again! I don’t think I realized how much I had missed them. Thomas & Marina came out to the farm for their golden hour session and we ended the session with some references to a certain movie… 100 points for whoever can […]

thomas + marina

I am counting down the days until their wedding because I can’t WAIT to work with these two again! We had such a great time exploring Ark City and then the farm with some truly beautiful weather. 352 days!

ryan + breanna

I’m here to share some of my favorite images from Kyle & Abigail’s wedding ceremony day! Unfortunately, their plans were also a bit rearranged due to COVID-19, but they embraced the changes and made this day special despite not being able to go ahead with the original plan. I am also so excited that I […]

kyle + abigail